Cloth diapering supplies at Bundle Baby Shop
Cloth diapering obviously requires more work than disposables, and if you are new to it it can be a little daunting. It’s always great to find resources on the web and friendly people willing to help out, which is what Julie Sparrow Carson is doing with Bundle Baby Shop.

She’s gathered not only excellent choices for cloth diapering, mama care, and baby carriers (like the beautiful Polkadot Papoose which we love), but they offer diaper service for those of you lucky enough to live in the Denver area. I love that they offer a half-and-half delivery service (half cloth, half disposables) and that they do free cloth diaper demo classes regularly. If you don’t want the diaper service, or live too far away, like me, they have clear instructions on how to wash and care for your own.

Be sure to look around the site for green home products, glass baby bottles, and baby gifts. Speaking of which, Bundle Baby Shop has a baby shower gift registry set up so you can let everybody else know what you’re coveting. You know – for your baby. –Carrie

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