Lush Design Studio Memory Bangle - personalized keepsake bracelet
I’m a complete sucker for keepsake jewelry, but not enough to sacrifice my style. These days, there are plenty of keepsake necklace options, but not so many keepsake bracelets in a style that I would actually wear around my wrist. But when I found the “M” Memory Bangle at Lush Design Studio, I knew I had a winner.

Handcrafted from sterling silver, each smooth, thin bangle features two personalized handstamped sections, each dainty and completely unassuming. Add your child’s name and birth date to the bracelet, or be creative and do something personal to you.  If you’ve got more that one kid, it would look great to have one bracelet for each and wear them all together for a smart style statement — something I rarely get to say about keepsake jewelry. -Kristen

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