this works energy bank bath and shower gel
Each morning, it takes a vat of coffee to get me going and ready to face another day in charge of three young lives. So yes, I was eager to try out a shower gel with the word “energy” in it.

 This Works: Energy Bank Bath and Shower Gel works indeed. Not surprising, considering creator Kathy Phillips of British Vogue and Conde Nast Asia has spent a bit of time around beauty products in her day.

The aromatherapeutic and mostly organic combo of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli and Geranium smell sort of sultry and invigorating at the same time. (Don’t be put off by the Patchouli—I promise you won’t come out of the shower smelling like you’ve spent the weekend at a Dead show.) My skin felt super soft and silky afterward which is no small thing since I often have to forgo the after-shower
moisturizing in a rush to find out what the kids are doing while I’ve
been deep-breathing in the shower.

This Works makes a load of other products for the face and body too. I was almost tempted to try out their Perfect Cleavage serum but when my 8-year-old commented that my A-cup was too big, I realized I’d need more than a little lotion. –Christina

This Works: Energy Bank Bath and Shower Gel and its companion Bath and Shower Oil can be purchased online from British-based This Works.

Congratulations to Alicia D, lucky winner of This Works Energy Bank Bath and Shower Gel and Bath and Shower Oil!

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