I may not know my Syrah from my Pinot Noir, but there are still times I’d love a glass of wine at a late-day beach picnic or at that Little League game that goes into extra innings. But dragging along a glass wine bottle (let alone wrestling it open in the bleachers) can’t hold a candle to the ingenious Wine Karafe from Klean Kanteen that we just discovered.

Made from the same lightweight, BPA-free stainless-steel we’ve lauded here before, the Wine Karafe also has a nice wide mouth for us shaky pourers. Of course one of the key benefits is that I’ll be able to sip a bottle of wine in public a bit more discreetly. But I really like that my kids can read the word “wine” printed on the bottle in eleven languages. After all,
they need to know that this is mommy and daddy’s special juice.

Find Klean Kanteen’s Wine Karafe in Brushed Stainless or (my favorite) Merlot at KleanKanteen.com.


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