Lobster Pull Toy
There are few things that scream New England more than the
ubiquitous lobster, but since I’m afraid a lobster may actually scream,
I have never brought one home to cook for dinner.

If you’re like me, go a different route and bring home this adorable Wooden Lobster Pull Toy which promises to delight your kids
or weekend hosts. I love the smile-inducing clickity-clack the kid-friendly claws make as the toy is pulled across the floor.

Handmade by the family team of East Laurel Woodcrafts in land-locked Kentucky, even this born and raised Massachusetts mama will assert it is one cool-looking lobster. I especially appreciate that they left the local-to-Kentucky hardwoods natural since those of us in the know realize
a red lobster has been cooked. That would be like making a cow toy that looks like a hamburger, right?  –Christina

Get your Wooden Lobster Pull Toy by East Laurel Woodcrafts exclusively at What Every Baby Needs. And, through 7/14, use the code lobster20 for 20% off your online purchase at the shop.


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