Dante Beatrix Panda BackpackHelp! I am about to send my 3-year-old off to preschool this year
and I am looking for a cute backpack in her size, minus the TV
characters. Any suggestions?
– Jessica

Your preparedness is inspiring, Jessica. I just checked the calendar and my soon-to-be kindergartener heads back to school in three weeks and four days.

But who’s counting?

We’re always on the lookout for kid’s backpacks that aren’t billboards for my kids’ favorite television shows and if you do a quick backpack search on our site you’ll find a bunch of choices, all of which are PVC and lead free. My personal favorites are the little kid backpacks from Dante Beatrix (pictured). They’re the perfect size for preschoolers and they feature cool animals, no TV characters to be found. I also really love the bright, colorful backpacks from Dabbawalla, which will definitely stand out in the hooks and cubbies of the preschool classroom.

If you can wait just a few more weeks, you’ll find a bunch more in our annual Back to School Shopping Guide. -Kristen

EDITED TO ADD: Dante Beatrix is now Beatrix NY. Find them at https://beatrixny.com

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