wow baby bibs & burpsI know, organic cotton is cool, plastic is not.  But cotton gets … wet. With the drool. And the spit-up. And the yams.

I’m grossing myself out just thinking about it.

Never fear, though — Wow Baby has a new line of US made, double-lined, organic bamboo bibs and burp cloths with removable, clear-plastic liners that keep your baby and your shoulder from growing mildew by noon. It’s one of the more innovative things we’ve seen in bibs recently.

In a word, they’re soft. The cotton goes next to your baby’s skin, and even the plastic backing is thinner than I expected and not at all like those crinkly plastic bibs I used when my daughter was wee. And I love that the reusable liners snap on for use and snap off for the washing machine. Or, the washtub, if you’re just that eco. -Rita

Find handmade bibs and burp cloths at Wow Baby.