Mayron's Good Baby
When my first daughter was born, I figured all diaper creams were pretty much created equal. I bought whatever sounded familiar, never once scanning the label for stuff like synthetic fragrances, methylparabens, or sodium borate–let alone BHA which is on the banned/restricted list in Europe and carcinogenic per California’s Prop 65, but is a key ingredient in big brands (coughDesitincough). Let’s just say I still have residual mommy guilt over that one. 

I will say I am feeling totally guilt-free since I’ve been slathering my second daughter’s nether regions with Our Best Barrier and Diaper Cream from the most excellent Mayron’s Good Baby.

I swear I am not swayed by the fact that this diaper cream was developed by actor and former thirtysomething star (and object of my late 80’s fangrrl crush) Melanie Mayron–I’m more swayed by the fact she spent 12 years developing it with her scientist dad. The truth is, the 98.3% natural formulation has been fantastic to use over the past week, getting its moisturizing from shea butter and its delicious herbal scent from the likes of calendula, chamomile and sweet almond oils. And it’s not only free of the yucky stuff, it actually works.

Or as the website puts it, it’s not tested on animals – it’s tested on actresses’ babies. And now, mine. –Liz

Find Our Best Barrier and Diaper Cream from the Mayron’s Good Baby online store

Congratulations to Daniella W, lucky winner of a tube of Mayron’s Good Baby diaper cream!

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