french alphabet poster
It doesn’t take much to get me pining for Paris, but Bastille Day turns that urge into a full-on achey craving. So wouldn’t you know I’d have to go and stumble upon this beautiful French alphabet poster from Bibitty just when the airfare (and all that incredible unpasteurized cheese) is out of reach.

The vintage colors and typography are really lovely and subtle, so much so that you could make them the core of your nursery decor using the French alphabet cards. I think they’d actually look great in a boy’s or girl’s room, making it a cool shower gift for the Francophile in your life.

At least until we can all afford the actual plane tickets to comb the marches aux puces for beautiful things ourselves. –Liz

Happy Bastille Day Cool Meres!

Find French alphabet cards and french alphabet posters online at Bibitty

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