I emailed a few months ago asking what your favorite baby carrier was and your reply was The Rockin Baby Sling, which I ordered and love.  I am now looking for an Ergo/Beco type carrier. Do you prefer one over the other or is there another brand you love? -Heather

Baby Hawk carrier

You’re talking to a baby carrier addict here, Heather. But if I had to pick my favorite Ergo type carrier, I’d go with the BabyHawk mei tai carrier (shown). Don’t let the long straps intimidate you. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be wearing this one all the time. It’s super comfortable and stylish with a ton of beautiful fabrics to choose from, and the smart and sturdy head rest gives neck support for the wee ones or when your baby (regardless of age) is sleeping.

If you’re looking for more of a Baby Bjorn alternative, we love our Belle Baby Carrier, which allows you to hold the baby facing out and in, and I seem to be able to wear it much longer than I could ever wear the Bjorn.

We’ve also got a slew of cool baby carriers in our archives. Take a peek and no doubt you’ll find the very thing you’ve been looking for. -Kristen