Thank goodness for peanut butter (and yogurt and cheese) for without it, I’m not entirely sure how my practically vegetarian girls would get any protein in them. And thank goodness for Justin’s Organic nut butters, which make me feel a little better about their addiction.

If your kids are used to the really processed, smooth, sweet peanut
butters…well, these are not those. What they are are absolutely delicious pure nut butters that come in fun little squeezable packs, making them easy to grab on the go (and certainly inspiring more confidence in my purse on hot days than yogurt). You can choose classic peanut butter, almond butter, or hazelnut butter each made with nothing more than a little organic palm fruit oil, or to sweeten the deal, there are varieties with honey, maple sugar, cinnamon or even chocolate.

Let me just say that the maple almond butter and the chocolate hazelnut butter in particular are to die for, and frankly, I feel better giving that to my kids as a sweet snack than a cookie. Also great for pregnant mamas who want some smarter snacking on the go.

You should also know that Justin’s is such a cool little company – yes, there really is a Justin, and he and his Colorado based team are totally committed better business practices and to charitable efforts through organizations like the Conscious Alliance, which is currently working to help a nearby Indian reservation facing devastating poverty and hunger issues.

You can support them too. Just buy some Justin’s Nut Butter. Yum.

Find Justin’s Organic nut butters online at their own Justin’s Nut Butter online shop, or in stores like Whole Foods.

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