robot backpackSo okay, we’ve been fawning over Dante Beatrix way too much lately. First it was their fabulous eco-backpacks made out of 100% recycled bottles which now come in little kid sizes. Then it was their adorable wheelie bags for kids. Next up it was their super cute BPA and PVC-free lunchboxes that we featured on our Back to School Shopping Guide. But wait – there’s more!

Just in time for the school season to start, they’ve got two new items of note – first, their new robot backpacks and robot lunchboxes available exclusively at Giggle. They come in pink (presumably for girls) and blue (for boys and girls, ahem) and are so well constructed, my own daughter is about to head to school for the second year with her own DB bag.

Dante Beatrix rabbit lunchbox - personalizedThen, you monogramming and personalization fans will be happy to hear that you can now get a custom embroidered backpack or lunchbox from Dante Beatrix exclusively at Script and Scribble. They seem to do a really nice job embroidering your child’s name or initials on, and it’s great having an alternative to the traditional styles which is mostly what you find when you’re looking for personalization.

Okay Dante Beatrix. Now stop coming out with cool new stuff. We have other companies to feature, you know. –Liz

EDITED TO ADD: Dante Beatrix is now Beatrix NY. Find them at