Project 7 bottled water - Hope in a bottleEvery year, without fail, I make the same New Year’s Resolution: To drink more water. And every year I fail miserably. However Project 7 water may provide me with just the motivation I need to succeed.

Project 7 is a small Texas company created by Tyler and Taylor Merrick, with a big idea–to donate half of their profits (you read that correctly) to 7 charities that benefit 7 areas of need in our world. Like feeding the hungry, protecting the environment and searching for world peace. Lofty goals for a simple bottle of water, huh? In fact you even get to go online and vote for which charities you’d like to support.

While the most eco thing to do, of course, would be to never buy bottles of water, we know that’s not often a realistic choice. But if you walk into a deli and you’ve got a choice between Project 7 water and something else, go for the Project 7. At least the bottles are 100% recyclable, and the company in fact uses them to make amazingly cool organic cotton t-shirts, which will soon be available in kid’s sizes.

I knew drinking more water would do wonders for my skin. Little did I know it could do wonders for the world.–Betsy

Find Project 7 water, mints, gum and t-shirts at And don’t forget to vote on which charities you’d like to see your money going towards.