Mega Candy ButtonsRemember the Candy Buttons of your youth? You know, the ones with absolutely no flavor (save for sugar) that you peeled off the paper strip, trying your best to increase the ratio of candy-to-paper that in fact made it into your mouth? Well now a company has done them one better with Mega Candy Buttons, which are indeed mega, and actually have some yummy fruit flavor to them. Best of all, they don’t stick to the paper. Technology!

Stock up now for Halloween, or be like my friend Sara who’s decided to turn candy buttons into her crazy pregnancy cravings food.

By the way, when I caught the Mega Buttons at the Fancy Foods Show this year (where obviously, not every food is what you’d call fancy), I wasn’t the only one who was impressed — just ask the editor from Martha Stewart who was there next to me frantically scribbling notes. I always knew they had good taste, those Martha people. –Liz

Find Mega Candy Buttons online at Candy Warehouse or at Offbeat Treats where all orders are currently 20% off with code YUMMY

[thanks for the reminder, sara]

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