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We are not what you’d call a soda family. While I love a nice cold fountain Coke or Pepsi with a slice of pizza like every other New Yorker, it’s not something I keep around the house. But when my older nieces or friends’ tween kids come to visit – i.e. those who have already discovered the joys of carbonation – they are not so easily satisfied with a glass of juice. Which is why The Switch Sparkling Juice is a truly fabulous soda alternative.

I want to call The Switch a soda. I mean, it seems like a soda. But that would imply high fructose corn syrup, preservatives, artificial colors, and other stuff that’s not actually in it. What is in it is 100% juice that also delivers the RDA for vitamin C. The company has found some miraculous way to carbonate, keep it natural, it and not make it taste disgusting.

I tried the grape and orange-tangerine flavors and was pleasantly surprised at how great they tasted. (Must be all that sugar?)? CMP contributor Betsy gave two thumbs up to the black cherry. And I like that the cans are only 8.3 ounces because really, that’s plenty in one sitting.

The Switch is certainly not a low-cal alternative to soda, but it is a tasty choice for pregnant women who are having crazy soda cravings but want to feel a tad better about it. Or feel um…less judged. Either way. –Liz

Find The Switch
sparkling juice at a store near you along the east coast, and in Alaska and Hawaii

Congratulations to Sabriya K., lucky winner of the Switch sample pack and cooler!!

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