Colorful kids' bedding - vintage style quilts
When my boys were babies, I spent a lot of time looking for cool, original things for them — clothes and bedding and accent pieces for their rooms. But in a strip mall world, that meant a lot of shopping, and no mama has time for that. I wish Trifle had been around then.

Trifle, an new online boutique headquartered in New Zealand, offers a carefully curated collection of beautiful craft and design for mothers and babies from around the world, all gathered together in one virtual stop. Each item is hand-picked, plenty are hand-crafted or eco-friendly, and they are all stunning.

You’ll find items from CMP faves West Coast Baby and The Modern Baby Co but what’s particularly great are the designers you don’t find around the US. I’m in love with the bright, vintage-style quilts from Melbournes’s Maggie and Sparrow (top left) and the plastic and stainless mobiles from Puka Puka created a former architect out of Sydney. (In fact, I’m thinking that it might be time to redecorate my playroom. Hmm.)

handmade children's satchel
Right in time for school to start, you’ll also find the beautiful children’s satchels (right) handmade in Japan by Mee a Bee that feature little woodland creatures or cute spacemen.

Trifle’s site is easy to navigate and lovely to look at, and the exchange rate (all prices are in AUD) is working in our favor right now. And there’s absolutely nothing that you would find at the strip mall, no matter how hard you looked. Trust me.  -Susan

Find handmade baby gifts, nursery decor and more at Trifle Shoppe.

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