I firmly believe that anyone who does not love Mr. Rogers has no soul. So when I got word that PBS Kids is hooking up the next generation with my own generation’s favorite TV icon, I was so happy, I took off my shoes and put on some sneakers in solidarity.

The new Mr. Rogers website is just delightful.

While the nav is very 2.0, it retains the spirit of the original series just beautifully. In other words, no rapping King Friday here. What you will find are interactive games for young kids, favorite songs, and even the series’ charming, straightforward educational videos about a trip to a fortune cookie factory or a tour of a fire truck.

My kids were particularly riveted by the video about how crayons are made (“Let’s do that one again!”). As for me, I loved taking the mind blowing journey through the Mr. Rogers tribute and trivia pages.

If you can’t wait to introduce your kids to Mr. Rogers, 26 favorite episodes are airing on PBS every Saturday this fall starting today. Considering most of what’s on Saturday mornings these days, that gentle piano music and soothing conversation may be the whole household’s first choice.

Check out the wonderful new Mr Rogers website and find the Mr Rogers Neighborhood viewing schedule ASAP – episodes start airing today.