Hooray for grandparents! They’re our lifelines, our pinch hitters, our source of inspiration, and the needed yin to our “no, you can’t have another cookie” yang. So in honor of Grandparents Day today, we thought we’d showcase some of our favorite affordable grandparents gifts; every one of these comes in under $20. (Not that they wouldn’t be happy with a simple phone call from the grandkids, of course.)

You Can Call Me Hoppa!
is a terrific book to help you figure out the perfect grandparent name
for the baby. Also a cool way to announce a pregnancy – if you can
manage to keep the news under wraps that long.

is like slideshow 2.0 – they make it as easy as can be to create a
custom video out of your own photos to email to grandparents. And now
they’ve added video editing capabilities too. It’s free for 30 second
videos, or for a $30 membership for the whole year, you can make as
many videos as you want, as long as you want. (And psst, you can do it
right now, on the fly.)

The Between You and Me series of books are
made just for grandmas and grandpas – they fill in the blanks and help
create a permanent keepsake of their experiences for future

Photobooks from Shutterfly
are guaranteed tear-jerkers but not because they’re a fortune – they
start at just $11 and the quality is terrific. Splurge on the
hard-cover. Trust us. –Liz

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