Reusable cloth Halloween bannerIt didn’t take me too long to learn that younger kids are pretty much scared out of their wits by a lot of the costumes and decorations that are par for the course on Halloween. Forget bloody eyeballs or Scream masks —  even the giant inflatable Shrek at my neighbor’s front door did not go over well with my three year-old last year. So I love the nice little selection of eco-friendly Halloween decorations at Green Planet Parties which let you get your festive on, all without traumatizing your children in the process.

The reusable cloth orange and black flag banner (shown) features smiling, glow-in-the-dark ghosts that are about as terrifying as your average Noggin character. And the same Halloween print is available in pillowcase-sized reusable trick-or-treat bags that are cuter than anything at the drugstore and way kinder to the earth. Nice way to go. –Liz

Find a selection of eco-friendly Halloween decorations and treats at Green Planet Parties and save 10% off anything in the store through 10/31 when you order through this link (discount taken automatically)