lil grams baby photo and story sharingIf only lil’grams had existed back when my oldest was born, we would’ve been able to
channel our new-parent enthusiasm in a far more stylish, manageable and
less-annoying manner than the hundreds of photos we emailed, webcasts we scheduled, and blog we created to document her every move.

lil’grams operates a bit
like a 21st century telegram service delivering little messages (“grams”) about their subscribers’ bundles of joy to lists of family and friends, with a photo or video clip attached if you choose. Those grams
stay in your online baby book which becomes a sort of permanent timeline of all those milestones.

Organized parents will love that the grams are tagged in categories like word, growth, or first. And
those who barely have time to brush their teeth will appreciate how quick and pain-free it is to send updates from the lil’grams website–or even via email or Twitter direct message. Not that the grandparents are necessarily on Twitter.

The site works pretty seamlessly although it did bounce me out a couple of times; I was able to figure out ways around the minor glitches but presumably they’re being ironed out.

But perhaps the best part about the service is that family and friends can dictate how often they’d like to be notified of
updates. So doting relatives can get each and every update in real time, while
friends may prefer to hear about your little darling just once a month, please. Don’t take it personally. –Christina

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