Wall Candy Arts Smarts decalsWhen products claim to make your newborn baby smarter, I can’t help to be skeptical. Sure, I want the best for my kids but part of me wonders whether I really need a bunch of special educational toys and other gear to give them the upper edge.

But the Smarts decals from CMP fave Wall Candy Arts are decidedly different. Their new line of wall decals are created using the black and white patterns and primary color palette that have been shown by doctors and baby experts to capture baby’s attention and promote visual growth. That’s not to say your lovely pastel mobile and your muted nursery art aren’t interesting, but apparently these bright, high-contrast designs really do work, and even better, they look pretty cool too.

Apply these decals in three steps and apparently your baby will be mesmerized by the trees, bees, and best of all, your own pictures, which are framed by some of the decals. When he gets his acceptance letter to Harvard in a few years, you’ll know why. -Kristen

Visit Wall Candy Arts for a wide selection of cool removable wall decals.

Congratulations to Melanie B., lucky winner of the Smarts decals from Wall Candy Arts!