snowman holiday card from Paper Culture
I am so not the type to get my holiday cards picked out much before…oh, say December 26. At which point I call them New Year’s cards and figure I’ve bought myself at least another few weeks to get them addressed and sent. But for you planners (and oh how I envy you), one of our favorite online card shops, Paper Culture, has just launched their first line of holiday cards and we get to give CMP readers the first peak.

I love the snowman holiday card which works for any denomination (if not any climate) and the reindeer party invitation is just adorable for an all-ages party. There’s even a really cool Hanukkah card in the mix, and as I know first hand, that’s not not an easy thing to find.

Bundle the kids up in their sweaters, get your photos taken, and start ordering those holiday cards. It will be one less thing to worry about come December. Now if only I could take my own advice. –Liz

Find modern announcements and invitations including cool holiday cards at Paper Culture. And special for CMP readers: Order your holiday cards now through 10/31 and get 20% off your purchase with code CMP20.

Congratulations to Jennifer M., and Monica Y., lucky winners of $50 gift certificates to Paper Culture!

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