Grow Show picture frames
I’m having trouble deciding which I think is cooler–GrowShow‘s free and easy program to create a progressive slide show/movie of your child’s growth, or their ingenious picture frames that can be configured in nearly endless ways.

The slide show capability not only automatically orders the photos based on time stamps, it uses a template where you can easily crop and center each photo so that every picture is of comparable size and angle. The result – a movie of your child growing before your very eyes that will look like you spent weeks putting it together. Even though it only took me an hour.

On the other hand, the frames, man. They have hidden connector magnets. Stick them together. Stack them vertically or horizontally. Make a free-standing shape to sit on your desk or end table. Connect frames to hold a panoramic photo. Or create your custom timelapse print from all your kids’ school photos and watch the grandparents weep.

I can’t decide; I want one of everything. Better luck to you in deciding. -Mir

Visit GrowShow to make your own custom timelapse movie, or to order GrowFrames.

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