Lala's Pequenos Noonie newborn swaddle blanket
I’m pretty sure that I’m done having kids, but every once in a while I see something that makes my arms ache to be holding a newborn again.

Such is my reaction to the irresistible Noonie swaddle blanket from Lala’s Pequenos. It’s made from 100% organic fabrics with a super-soft organic sherpa lining. It’s like the sweetest, coziest little nest for that tiny newborn body.

I say tiny newborn, but really, at 30 inches long and 15 inches at the widest point, this swaddle blanket would have worked well for my son for the first several months of his life.

It’s not for unsupervised sleeping, more perfect for a warm spot to hang out with the family or for setting up some truly fantastic baby pictures. And just general all-around cuteness. Extra cool is that a portion of all of Lala’s Pequenos’ proceeds go to the Rainmaker Conservation Project in Costa Rica where Alessandra (or Lala herself) and her family lived at one point and still own property. I can’t help but love that. –Carrie

Find Noonies swaddle blankets in a gorgeous array of organic fabrics at Lala’s Pequenos.

Congratulations to Lan H., lucky winner of the Noonie swaddling blanket!


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