Here Comes Science by They Might Be GiantsHearing my six year old singing songs like Meet the Elements or Photosynthesis
makes my geeky-heart’s day, especially considering they are songs from my old
favorites They Might Be Giants, on their new kids’ CD & DVD combo Here Comes Science.

Normally, anything titled “Here Comes Science” would have me stifling a
yawn, but John and John have managed to make educational science songs both brain- and ear-worthy — an instant classic. My 5, 6 and 8 year-olds
are the perfect age for this album, whose subject matter is more complex than TMBG’s earlier releases, Here Come the
and Here Come the 123’s. That’s not to say a toddler wouldn’t love Put it to the Test, but they may not understand the lyrics

Then again, heck, I went through my twenties loving this band and not understanding
what they were singing about most of the time.

Here Comes
touches upon everything from evolution, outer space, physics,
cell matter and even energy alternatives, as in Electric Car whose chorus
I could happily keep in my head all day long. Do yourself a favor: Ignore the laundry pile and sit down to watch the DVD with your kids. The videos of the
rocking I Am A Paleontologist and the pop-sounding Speed and Velocity are not only enjoyable, they help clarify subject matters that are over my — I mean their — heads.

I really should’ve paid more attention in science class.

Or maybe the schools should have had more teaching aids like this one –Christina

You’ll find They Might Be Giants’ new CD & DVD combo, Here Comes Science, at CMP affiliate Amazon.

Congratulations to Janice L., lucky winner of a copy of Here Comes Science!