Hullabaloo's High Roller kids' music CD
I don’t yee-haw or two-step, although I may start after spinning
Hullabaloo’s country-fried, folksy kids’ music CD, High Roller, a few more times. With
my vote for coolest CD cover art of the year, High Roller gets toes
tapping with plenty of banjo and fiddle but what really wins me over
are the lyrics. How could I resist a title song that has a baby bragging
about his cool stroller with its “3.5 inch rims” in a voice that conjures up Johnny Cash pushing a Bugaboo?

Most of the songs that this Southern
Calfornia duo of Steve Deynes and Brendan Kremer put on their fifth album are original. My son loves Dinosaur in My
so much, he demands I put it on “song 9” as
soon as we get in the car. There are also treatments of Oh,
! and This Land is Your Land which are pretty true to their roots–and actually my least favorite songs on the CD. Although the band deserves major
props for their remake of London Bridge which I would make the new
official version if I ruled the world.

And any concerns I had
that this would be good ol’ boys music evaporated by
the second song about Princess Bluejeans, a princess I’d like to put up
against those prissy pink versions any day.  –Christina

You’ll find Hullabaloo’s High Roller kids’ music CD for sale at CD Baby and see more cool kids music in our archives!

Congratulations to Kristi B., lucky winner of a copy of Hullabaloo’s High Roller!

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