Le Sac Igloo stroller blanket from 7AM EnfantIt’s only mid-October and already the babies in my hood are being bundled under stroller blankets and sleep sacs and other bits of coziness to keep the chill out. After four winters doing this mom thing, I’ve learned that it makes sense to invest in the good stuff because if you’re anywhere that gets an actual winter, you will definitely get your money’s worth.

My dream bundle sac for the stroller is le sac igloo from 7AM Enfant (shown). It’s not only gorgeous on the outside (love that little furry hood!) and soft on the inside, it will keep your baby so warm and protected from the elements, it will keep you sleeping easier too. Of course it rings up at a mere $199. But before you shriek “who would pay that!” — it’s so popular it’s on backorder.

Not to be outdone, perennial parent favorite JJ Cole has come out with their own Arctic BundleMe. What it gives up in some of 7AM Enfant’s head-turning style it makes up for with a very attractive price: About half of the Sac Igloo. And yet it’s thoughtfully designed to keep your baby warm and happy.

Of course there’s always the original BundleMe for just $39.95. It’s lightweight and cozy; perfect when you live in SoCal and call 58 degrees, “winter.” –Liz