My sister lives in Brooklyn and had a baby girl in June. I know that her living space is very limited and I am having trouble finding cool gifts to give to the baby. I was wondering if I could get suggestions on things that would be cool as well as functional in their limited space. -Melissa

Knowing how it can be challenging to manage baby stuff in a tight space, it’s nice that you’ve got that on your mind when buying a gift, Melissa. I asked our Editor-in-Chief Liz, our resident Brooklyn-ite and expert on small living spaces and she came up with some great ideas:

Personalized art is a really thoughtful aunt gift, especially when it takes up wall space instead of coveted shelf space. We’re always recommending the Ida Pearle personalized prints, which will be enjoyed by your niece way beyond the baby stage. Plus Ida’s a Brooklynite herself. There are also lovely and affordable prints that you can have framed like the charming illustrations from Sarah Jane Studios (shown).

Sarah Jane Studio dancing elephants

You can’t go wrong with a gift certificate for babysitting, like from CMP partner, the award winning Sitter City. Babysitting is something most moms need, but often times new moms don’t know where to start. (Plus code COOLMOM gets you 10% off a Sitter City membership.) Or simply make an arrangement with a local sitting service like New York’s Pinch Sitters.

If it’s function you’re after, moms who make their own baby food are in love with the Beaba babycook, and it takes up way less counter space than a Cuisinart.

If you’re still stuck, peruse our Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide for more than 100 great baby gift ideas. Or search our archives for baby boutiques offering a wide selection of gorgeous baby girl clothes which all moms appreciate, whatever the size of their abodes. The adorable socks from Trumpette (above) are a baby shower favorite, especially for apartment-dwelling parents who are always losing socks somewhere between the laundry room and the front door.

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