Modern Hanukkah Menorah by Jonathan Adler
Jewish kids know all about the Hanukkah miracle but what they don’t know is how hard it can be to celebrate it in cool, modern style. Well I have to tell you, when I saw Jonathan Adler’s collection of modern menorahs and Hanukkah gifts I proclaimed that a huge miracle as well.

The Relief Hanukkah Menorah is simple, sculptural, and not quite cheap at $98, but not a huge investment either. I also love the

Jonathan Adler dreidel
porcelain Mod Dot dreidel and Enamel dreidel which make for great hostess gifts if you’ve got Hanukkah party invitations starting to trickle in. So yay, Jonathan, for making Hanukkah accessories that I’d be happy to display around the house the other 357 days a year. -Betsy

Find this modern Hanukkah Menorah, cool dreidels and more at Jonathan Adler

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