Ultra-thin designer compact mirror by ACME
I wish I liked eating salads, but I really, really don’t. I always seem to end up with a honking piece of spinach lodged between my teeth, cliche though that may sound, so I like to carry a compact mirror with me. That’s why Iike the new collection of ultra thin compact mirrors from ACME Studio.

You might recognize their stuff if you’ve ever been in a museum gift shop – ACME collaborates with famous architects like Frank Lloyd Wright, Deborah Jebwad and my personal favorite, Karim Rashid (shown) to make fashionable and functional items like pens, watches and ties.

The compacts come beautifully packaged and for $39, I think they make a stylish holiday gift for your kid’s art teacher or your single 20-something sister-in-law, or a tasteful birthday present – hey, don’t forget those of us with holiday-time birthdays! –Betsy

Find the entire collection of Acme Studio compact mirrors at Utica Home.

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