My First Organics seed starting kitJust six months ago, my daughters planted seeds from their organic growing kits, re-potted the shoots in Grandma’s vegetable garden, and late this summer, they were eating their own little yellow teardrop tomatoes. You country folk make take an experience like this for granted, but for my city kids it was nothing short of magic.

So I’m glad to learn this isn’t just a spring experience, and that there are also fall and winter growing kits for kids from the wonderful family-run Surf City Growers. (Seriously, I love this company. L-O-V-E. Love.)

The seed kits have to be one of the coolest holiday gifts for under $20 imaginable, and not just because it’s a fun, educational activity. I’m mostly thinking that if your kids grow their own organic broccoli, butternut squash, butter lettuce or cauliflower, they’re that much more likely to eat all of it. In which case, it’s kind of a gift for parents too. –Liz

Find the organic seed growing kits for kids from Surf City Growers.

Congratulations to Jessica S., lucky winner of the organic seed growing kit and How a Garden Saves the Earth!