Ringley junior teething toy
Considering my youngest is getting all her molars and eye teeth in
at the same time (no kidding), the super smart Ringley teether, a mom-invented natural wood and organic terry cloth teething toy, is in regular rotation around my place. But now the Ringley teether family has expanded, with two very cool new products that are perfect for sore gums and budding teeth.

For a little larger toy, there’s the Ringley Junior (left), which is similar to the original untreated Canadian maple teething ring, only with two knots instead of one, plus a larger piece of terry cloth.

Ringley ball teether
The Ringley Ball is also just as great, but gives your kid a bit more entertainment than a couple of knots.

I particularly like that the terry cloth components are attached by velcro to the ring. So you can easily take them off and pop them into the laundry, which is way more than I can say for everything else my daughter has been chewing on. -Kristen

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