Pants to Poverty UnderwearClearly the green movement is everywhere, including, now, your underwear. Indeed your skivvies are the next if not final frontier for a demonstration of your commitment to all things eco, as we’ve recently discovered.

At the UK’s Love Eco, the Pants to Poverty undies are made of fair trade organic cotton, with a cute little waistband to spread the word, should yours accidentally poke out of your jeans. All the profits are put back into the farms and manufacturing coops and I’d imagine there will be quite a bit of it, considering the skivvies are about $15 US each.

uranus apparel soy shortsMeanwhile on this side of the pond, the cheeky (heh) Uranus Apparel offers soy underwear boy shorts called “soy shorts,” colored with natural vegetable dyes. These are way more affordable, and surely more eco for those of us in the states, considering we don’t need to ship them overseas.

PACT Underwear
is easily the best looking of the bunch with the most selection,  from thongs to boy shorts for women to boxers and boxer briefs for men. The styles of this Yves
Behar-designed sustainable, organic underwear are
inspired by and help fund some cool causes from Oceana, to Dave Eggers’
org, 828 National which inspires and tutors young writers.

I’m just wondering why so many boy shorts. Don’t they don’t they realize that not all of us ecoistas have model-perfect posteriors? At least our values are in the right place, if not the rest of us. . –Liz

Find do-gooding underwear at Uranus Apparel and at Love Eco where you’ll save 15% on purchases over £20 through December 4 with code COOLECOMOM9, and save 25% from PACT underwear with code coolmom25