No squeeze juice box holder
We use juice boxes pretty sparingly around these parts but their convenience at times trumps the sticky hands and wet shirts that come when my kids squeeze the box before it hits their mouth. Or, let’s face it, the entire time they’re drinking.

But now that I found No Squeeze, drinking on the go has become inordinately neater. Just insert a juice box, milk box, or even one of those juice pouches into the cup shaped holder. Then fit the top over it and your kids can sip to their hearts’ content without having to squeeze. And if you’re in the car, it’s pretty great that they can pop them right into the cup holder.

Personally, I’d go for the 4-pack combo so you’ll have a couple at home and a couple you can just leave in your car. Or consider grabbing a bunch of juice box holders for your next kid’s party. You’ll save your carpet and make a bunch of new best friends when you send the kids home with a No Squeeze stuffed with a few treats. Goodie cups – you heard it here first. -Kristen

Visit the No Squeeze website for more info on their super smart juice box holder.

[thanks julie!]

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