Kirtsy Takes a Bow bookI can’t stop reading Kirtsy Takes a Bow: A Celebration of Women’s Online Favorites. And rereading it. And going back to make sure there’s nothing I missed. The thing is, it’s not just me. An art director friend shirked work for an hour to browse after I handed it his way. Yes, he’s a guy.

This witty, thoroughly entertaining compilation from Laura Mayes, co-founder of social news sharing site Kirtsy and occasional Cool Mom Picks contributor, does a phenomenal job of capturing the energy, the inspiration, the humor, the art, the beauty, and the passion that can be accessed daily online through the Kirtsy site.

There are compelling personal essays, lists, advice and reflections from more than 100 entrepreneurs, artists, and social media types about everything from parenting to politics, pop culture to technology, crafting to travel. You’ll laud Yvonne Marie for her heart-wrenching piece on body image. You’ll be committing Sophia Channing’s “How to Own the Sidewalk” post to memory. And Karen Walrond? We’re all cursing you for that Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake recipe.

I must say I am honored to have a couple of my own pieces between the covers, including a very personal post about living with a 9/11 birthday. Also, there’s a very (very) kind shout out to Cool Mom Picks. Sniff.

Kirtsy Takes a Bow
makes you glad to be a woman in the 21st century, connected to a brilliant, giving, talented worldwide community through a little cable running from the computer to the wall. If you love design, if you love great writing, if you love just discovering coolness–which we know you do–this is a book for you.

Kirtsy? You take that bow. I’ll be here applauding.  –Liz

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