Spoon recipe cards
My grandmother wrote recipes on flowery little cards expressly for that purpose, and my mother rebelled against the cute by using nothing more than plain index cards. Me, I fall somewhere in the middle–plain cards seem kind of depressing, but I’m just not a hearts and flowers kind of gal.

Up until recently I was solving this dilemma by keeping my recipes in a handy stack of paper scraps on my kitchen counter. Ahem. But I took one look at these Spoon Recipe Cards and knew I’d found the solution. They’re cute, but not too cute. And the split column on the front for ingredients saves me trying to judge where to draw my (usually crooked) line.

Add a pack of Spoon Recipe Cards when giving the gift of a cookbook or some cookware, and suddenly you’re looking even more generous. -Mir

[via oh joy!]

Get your Spoon Recipe Cards at Rifle Paper Company.

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