Welcome to our annual year-end roundup of our favorite picks of the year! Trying to cull down our favorites is never easy, but this year, with more than a thousand posts to go through…well, let’s just say we could have picked about twenty in each category.

Each day we’ll present some new favorites right through to New Year’s, starting with today–some of our favorite jewelry, keepsake jewelry, and handbags to help keep you all looking your most fabulous. What’s that saying about fake it ’til you make it? Yeah, that’s what great accessories do for us too.

Liz: We’re such admirers of the stainless steel jewelry (at top) from artist Melissa Borrell and Australia’s Polli; so much so that it’s what we bought our own editors for Christmas this year.


Survival of the Hippest Sterling Silver Twitter Necklace

Kristen: The Survival of the Hippest Twitter necklaces helped make “geek” super chic this year. (An accolade that does not in fact belong to Oprah joining Twitter.) Thanks to mine–courtesy of Santa, er, Liz–I’m proud to join the ranks.

Leather poppy clutch purse by Sakura Urban

Liz: Nearly ten months after we’ve featured it, I’m still coveting the poppy clutch purse from Sakura Urban, and that’s saying something. Can’t wait to see what she has in store for ’10.

Mod Cloth red handbag

Kristen: I snagged this awesome red bag from Mod Cloth after we featured it this summer, and I still get compliments on it six months later. I’ll definitely be visiting them again when it’s time to retire it.


Julian & Co Wax Seal Sterling Silver Necklace

Kristen: I’m a steadfast fan of incognito keepsake jewelry, but the instant I saw the new sterling silver Life-Squared Wax Seal necklace from Julian & Co I said “Heck yeah, I’d wear that.” Great price too.

gold globe charm from Heather Moore

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year badge

Liz: If money were no object I’d hook myself up with the solid gold globe charms from Heather Moore jewelry, with two teeny diamonds to represent the cities where my daughters were conceived. (What? They were romantic cities!)