Tooth fairy kitEver since my oldest daughter turned five, she’s been obsessed with losing teeth. And considering many of her kindergarten classmates have already lost two or three, I suppose she has a good reason to think about it.

And that means I do too, hence my interest in this hilarious tooth fairy kit from Jillybean Green. Now this is not your average tooth fairy pillow; instead, this kit includes three actual certificates that allows the tooth fairy (ahem) to keep track of everything from which teeth were lost on an actual dental chart, method of extraction, and my favorite part, compensation. And they’re all tucked into a silk-screened cotton bag that’s perfect for making tooth deposits. 

It’s a unique alternative to the typical “tooth for cash” exchange, and perfect for those super sentimental tooth fairies who just can’t believe their kid is old enough to be losing teeth. Sniff.

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