Hopscotch Tees personalized kids' t-shirts
There is no shortage of adorable graphic kids’ t-shirts out there (you’ve probably seen one or two here), but what I really love about Hopscotch Tees collection of customized tees is that they don’t just put your child’s name on the front; they also incorporate other information like the year your kid was born or hometown, to let your kid know that the shirt was really made just for them.

The graphics range from cute girlie designs to robots and pirates that are cute for girls of all ages, but probably best for younger boys.

In fact, the snug-fitting, long sleeve t-shirt has become my son’s favorite pajama top, but for wearing out and about the short sleeve, looser version would probably be better. Ours has stood up to multiple washings, despite the fact that I didn’t
turn the shirt inside out as directed, because, well, I’m just that

Prices start at $22 and I recommend going up a size or two, not just because they run a tad small, but because your kids are not going to part with these personalized shirts anytime soon. -Betsy

Buy your kids personalized t-shirts at Hopscotch Tees.

Congratulations to Mary A., lucky winner of a personalized tee from Hopscotch Tees! 

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