Mix Tape Crossstitch from You Heart Us
Not every relationship is sappy and sentimental and traditional. If I were to get my sigOth some kind of flowery Hallmark card for Valentine’s Day and a bottle of cologne I think he’d wonder who’d replaced me with the fembot. But the custom cross stitch and embroidery from the You Heart Us etsy shop that blends modern pop culture references with classic needlepoint techniques? There’s so much awesome there, I don’t know where to start.

You gave me the best mix tape I have
is a kinder, gentler, less obvious way of saying I’m glad we fell in love and made babies and fight over the one down pillow every night. Or maybe it’s a way of saying we should start doing all those things. Either way, I just think it’s cool for the right person.

Poke around the shop for other cheeky takes on needlework, like the As You Wish cross-stitch (quoted from the all time single best movie ever in the history of the world) or the custom Tweet needlepoint for social media couples. 2010 indeed. –Liz

Find modern custom cross stitch like the mix tape embroidery hoop from the You Heart Us etsy shop.

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