My sons are 7 and 9, but every night, the snuggle up in bed with their favorite stuffed friends. Those “stufties,” as my little son calls them, are just one more layer of familiarity and comfort in their lives.

Not every child has that though — that warm bed in a safe house to curl up in every night. And that’s where Project Night Night comes in.

Project Night Night provides that little bit of comfort and security for homeless children, in the form of a Night Night Package which includes a security blanket, a stuffed friend, and a story book, all packed up in a reusable tote bag. Think of it as bedtime in a bag.

These guys deliver more than 25,000 totes each year to kids from newborn to age ten. For $20, you’re helping a child sleep better tonight. We cannot imagine anything cooler. -Susan

[via mommytracked]

To donate a Night Night Package, visit the Project Night Night website.

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