Pirate's Booty NY Pizza Flavor
As the New York City taxpayer amongst us, I felt it my sworn duty (so help me Bloomberg) to try the New York Pizza flavor Pirate’s Booty recently introduced by Robert’s Gourmet. You know, the beloved makers of all-natural treats for parents looking to justify the snacks in the house.

I’m happy to say that the flavor of these baked corn and rice puffs does taste like pizza, more than say, pizza-flavored Combos. (So now you know my guilty pleasure airplane snack.) I was quite surprised that you can actually taste real tomato and oregano, and paprika gives it a nice little kick.

Personally, I think I’ll stick with the regular old Pirate’s Booty if I want something crunchy with my grilled cheese sandwiches; but then if I’m craving pizza I can walk over to Grimaldi’s and order a pie to go. However if my kids ask for it? I’m perfectly happy to add it to the roster of approved snack foods with ingredients I can actually pronounce and continue supporting this cool little-company-made-it-big. After all, they’re New Yorkers too. –Liz

Get new New York Pizza flavor Pirate’s Booty from Robert’s Gourmet pretty much all over the place.

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