Custom travel guides from See Jane Fly
If you’re planning a trip to California, New York, or Chicago in the near future, See Jane Fly is ready to offer you a customized travel guide to help you plan. But regardless of where you’re headed, peep their latest free perk: The See Jane Fly Toolbox, which is filled with everything you might need to get ready to hit the road.

I was impressed with the free printable ready-made checklists including ones for what to pack for your 0-6 month old, which is handy because I don’t remember having two spare braincells to rub together when I had an infant in tow. Plus you’ll find printable packing pads, a complete emergency contact sheet, and more.

It’s pre-trip organization central, and if you think I won’t be using the Dress Me… pad to chart out my outfits for my next business trip, well, you don’t realize how anal I can truly be. -Mir

Check out the free downloadable travel organizers from the See Jane Fly Toolbox at See Jane Fly.

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