Personalized sterling silver Spinning Circle necklace I’m quite the taskmistress with my jewelry. I want it personalized, I want it handmade of quality materials, and I need it to do something fancy, like train white mice for the circus or sing opera. But spinning around is good, too.

Naturally, j’adore this Spinning Circle Necklace by my good friend, the talented Alice Istanbul of Istanbul Designs. You provide up to twenty characters, and Alice etches them onto sterling silver with her customized font.  And then it’s spin city, baby, as the custom engraved pendant dangles from a really lovely sterling chain.

Unlike the stamping you see on most personalized jewelry, etching allows total precision and extra crisp letters, ensuring that no one will wonder why you’re the mother of TOCK and J5OB3L. Kids’ names and birthdays are the perfect choice for moms and grandmothers, but you can also get a personal quote, winning lottery number, or the first nineteen digits of pi.

(Admit it, one of you math types just thought hm, pi…I like that!)

Of course, if you get dizzy easily, there are lots of other fabulous, non-spinning choices, including rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Be still (or spin), my beating heart. –Delilah

Congratulations to Michele F., lucky winner of a sterling silver Lucky Charm Heart pendant from Istanbul Designs!