Love pirate organic cotton and bamboo sleep sack
There’s no shortage of Valentine’s Day attire for little girls (like the Kideko heart pajamas we found this week) , but when it comes to boys, it’s pretty slim pickings. And I get it. Dressing a boy in a rose-colored heart shirt is a tough sell, even if there is a Spiderman on it too.

But the adorable Love Pirate sleep sack from CMP fave Baby Burrito is the perfect festive nod to Valentine’s Day for both baby boys and girls without smothering your little one in pink. Made from organic cotton and bamboo, and featuring a simple heart and cross bones, this sleep sack is a welcome change to the typical baby pastels and barnyard animal themes. There’s a matching baby blanket too.

Once February 14 has come and gone, you’ll still get plenty of use out it, without anyone thinking otherwise. -Kristen

Check out the lovely handmade baby gifts at Baby Burrito.   

Congratulations to Kady L., lucky winner of the Love Pirate sleep sack from CMP fave Baby Burrito!

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