Party Like a Twinkle Star kids' music CD set
My kids are at the age where watching Mommy boogie across the kitchen floor is met with groans. And I’m hearing groans from them a lot now that I’ve got Charity and the JAMband’s danceworthy double kids’ music CD, Party Like a Twinkle Star.

Sure, it’s a CD for kids, but it is strong stuff for anyone to resist, something we knew way back when we lauded Charity and the JAMband’s Rock Your Socks Off CD in ’06.

The first-of-two CDs, aptly called Party, does just that from the start with the rocking groove of Get Your Booty Out of Bed that even gets me shaking my tired behind. The lush, soulful and slightly twangy voice of lead singer Charity Kahn keeps going through the lively Pancakes to the clever Some More S’mores that goes hilariously power rock for a bit. And, San Francisco’s Charity and her versatile JAMband turn Row Row Row Your Boat into the funkiest thing I’ve heard in a while, with a boat that doesn’t just row, but spins, jumps and swings too. 

What makes Party Like a Twinkle Star extra super special though is that it comes with a second CD called Twinkle that brings the tempo way down for those times when everyone needs to mellow out. Following the single beat of One Golden Bowl, the CD moves into the absolutely gorgeous, hymn-like So Long to the Day. I could even play this entire CD at bedtime since there are no woo, party! songs interrupting midway. Hey, even party animals need to catch up on their beauty sleep. -Christina 

Charity and the JAMband’s Party like a Twinkle Star is available at CD Baby. And, each month, check out Charity and the JAMband’s free downloadable Song of the Month.

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