Grammaropolis educational website for kids
The first thing I thought when I checked out the Grammaropolis website is that it’s like Grammar Rock and the Mr. Men books had an adorable love child.

You’ve got the catchy music, the little cartoon parts of speech (the verb is a superhero ready for action, and the interjection kind of looks like a cheerleader), and then a variety of ways for kids to get their language on. Watch the video–my favorite part is when Gramma pops up to say thanks for the song and they’re all, No, Gramma, it’s not Gramma Ropolis, it’s Grammaropolis!

You’ll only have to listen to the song once before you’re singing it for days, plus you can color, read the online book, or play grammar games. It’s a whole gang of parts of speech for a new generation of language
nerds, and the best part is that their personalities not only keep it
fun, but make it all easier to learn.

However this one is definitely for about the 7+ crowd who are already learning parts of speech; the songs move fast and a lot of it is driven by the words on screen.

If your kids want to get in on the making of it all, they can; over on the Grammaropolis blog they’re running a contest where you can submit your suggested drawing of their missing Helping Verb. This level of delightful language geekery brings a tiny little tear to my eye, people. -Mir

Go check out the newly-launched Grammaropolis and get ready to rock.

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