Announcing the birth of... um… well…forget it. Back in 2008 I was so busy sitting on an ice pack and juggling two kids that I never sent announcements. It just seemed like either a lot of trouble or a lot of money, and I didn’t dig either prospect.

What I do dig now is the outrageous ease of ordering digital birth or baptism announcements through a company like You simply select your design, provide a photo, fill in the blanks for text, and designer Chadlee Colson will create the perfect announcement just for you. She won’t even judge you if it’s 15 months late, I bet.

For $10, you get a .jpeg file you can share through emails, your blog or Facebook, and if you’re still into the “announcement you can hang on the fridge” thing, you can also order printed announcements and envelopes for only 80 cents each, with no minimum order.

There are a variety of cute options, although some cuter than others so look carefully. We really dig the Baby Green Elephant for boys, Little Green Bird for girls, and Little Tree shown here for everybody. It’ll be the cutest Twitpic in your whole stream. ~Delilah

Congrats to Amie H, lucky winner of a custom digital birth announcement!

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