tea collection dragon pant
I am generally frustrated with all the embellished girls’ pants out there are covered in flowers, sequins, sparkles, or (eek) all three. So when I got wind of the Sejong Dragon Pant from CMP fave Tea Collection I thought, fabulous! Or, however you say fabulous in Korean.

The sturdy, high-waisted, slightly flared dragon pants jumped out at me right
away, and turns out the dragon pants are on the cover of their catalog so I guess I’m not
alone here. I love the durability and versatility; Tea is showing the embellished canvas pants paired with their floral top, but the dragon motif would look cool even with a plain white tee or a tank in summer. And the fabric is the perfect three-season weight.

Yes, they make the dragon pants for boys too – only with cargo pockets and a more primary color palate on the dragon.

tea collection tiger hoodie
The pants are part of Tea’s new spring line-up which I think is one of their best yet, with designs inspired by the vibrancy of South Korea. Browse around the site right now and find some cool boys’ pants with ticking stripes, fun hoodies, a lot of chambray, and a reversible bucket hat in solid colors which sounds like something that would be easy to find, but isn’t.

Girls also score this season (aside from the dragon pants) with the Jeju Floral Halter Dress, a striped dress that I would wear if it came in my size, and for you frugalistas, a whole category of girls’ dresses under $30.

That’s in American dollars. Not Korean won. –Liz

Find the new Korean inspired clothes for babies and kid at Tea Collection or at a cool indie boutique near you.

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