Papa Products 1Z baby carrier coverHenry Ford offered his Model-T Ford in any color you wanted, so long as it was black. The most popular brands of baby carrier often have the same limited palette. Let’s face it, you’re just not going to find a sage Infantino with a peace symbol sitting on the shelf at SuperTarget.

That’s why the 1Z (get it– onesie?) is so cool. This carrier cover is proudly made in Massachusetts by Papa Products and works like a soft, snuggly t-shirt to protect and add style to leading carrier brands like Babybjorn, Infantino, Chicco, and Snugli. Heck, if I’d had an orange 1Z with a pocket to slip over my own hand-me-down gray Snugli, I might have actually used it.

The 1Z is available in a rainbow of hip colors, some with printed designs, and can even be custom monogrammed for a great baby shower gift. I like that it slips on more easily than putting my wigglemonster of a baby in an actual onesie, and it doesn’t have snaps or moving parts that I could lose. Believe me, I tested it.

On the frugal side, the 1Z baby carrier cover lets you match the same carrier to anything in your wardrobe. On the eco-conscious side, the protective covers help you keep one carrier in good enough condition to pass on to a friend or resell. So that’s good karma for making your baby carrier a chameleon. All hail the 1Z! ~Delilah

Congratulations to Nicole C and Megan P – lucky 1Z winners!